Serendeepia Playbook


Serendeepia was born officially on May 11th 2018. The founders knew each other since before 2007. As you see it took some years and few thousand of km of distance, but sometimes things are inevitable.

Our Core Values

  • Continuous learning: We believe in a continuous personal growth by increasing your knowledge and skills.
  • Visionaries: We go beyond the status quo to develop new solutions and to discover new problems.
  • World-class team: We want to go far, that’s why we must walk together, surrounded by the best ones.
  • Challenge yourself: We’re used to get out of our comfort zone, we like to face new challenges. We are not afraid of failing.
  • Personal life: We aim to grow at a pace that allow us a good balance between personal and professional lives.

Why we do things

Passion. Serendeepia was born because we saw an opportunity to follow our dreams and do what we love every day.

How we do things

This playbook tries to answer this question, so keep reading until the end. But we can tell you now there are two important things we follow in Serendeepia as a remote company:

What we do


The key component in Serendeepia is the research. We like new challenges, we like to keep improving and learning new things. For those reasons we like to face business challenges and design effective AI solutions based on our expertise. Of course, we follow the scientific method and other good engineering practices. Our research is also open source.


We build products based on the state of the art research with the aim to solve problems for companies and people. We believe AI is creating new markets to explore and those markets need new products. You can see some of our products in our official products page.

In-company courses and training

Knowledge wouldn’t be useful if you cannot spread it. We like to help other companies to develop their AI capabilities. We design custom training workshops and courses in the most relevant AI topics for your business. Along with this courses, we help the companies to create their first prototypes in AI to solve some of their business needs.


We also do consultancy, we design, develop, train and test Deep Learning models, building advanced AI Minimum Viable Products. We like to go further, so We identify key areas in business where AI can have the maximum impact and we create a strategic roadmap planning.