Serendeepia Playbook

Remote Team

Although we are an international remote team and we are very flexible, we believe that there are some practices we need to follow in order to succeed as a team.

An usual workday

Everybody is expected to work for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. We have flexible time but we expect from you to work at the same hours your team works, at least try to overlap half of the day with them.

Remember the communication with your team and the rest of the company is important while being remote. We recommend everybody to follow some good practices of how your usual work day should start.

Workday for spaniards

By law we need to track your workday when it starts and when it finish. We use Clockify (Serendeepia workday) for this. It is mandatory for everybody to fulfill their workday, when it starts, when it ends and the pauses in between (like the lunch). In order to enforce everybody in Spain to fulfill this information we set up alarms in Clockify that will send you and email if you didn’t track enough hours a week or too many hours a day. If you don’t track enough hours you will have a penalty in your salary, and if you track too many hours we will force you to go on holidays. Life is about balance.

Example of tracking the workday in clockify: Example of tracking the workday in clockify

You have to select the project (workday tracker) and press start. You can also add the entries manually or modify the old ones if necessary. But you only have 2 weeks to do it, after 2 weeks the time entries are blocked.