Serendeepia Playbook


For us, working is not about money, it’s about enjoying what we do, to be happy while we do it. Here are our current perks, but if you think we should add something that will improve personal and professional life, just tell everybody and we’ll decide together.


We are a remote company, so you can work from wherever you want, as long as you have a good Internet connection. Just let your manager and the rest of your team to know what will be your Timezone.

Flexible schedule

We try to follow a regular workday but we are flexible. We understand that not everybody performs well at the same time and we sometimes don’t feel well enough to be productive. Organize yourself in the best way to be happy and productive. We know that feeling happy with a good balance between personal and professional live is important to achieve our core values.

Unlimited Vacation Policy

We have un unlimited vacation policy, we trust you will use it wisely and don’t abuse of it. If you need to take some days off or are planning your holidays, just talk it with your manager and add your days off to the PTO calendar.

When you add your days off to the PTO calendar please use your name and the reason as the name of the event. Some keywords you can use:

  • OOO (Out of Office): when you are not going to be available online but workin
  • PTO (Personal time out): when you are taking some hours off for personal stuff.
  • Holidays: Mandatory for everyone at least once a year.

Personal projects

You can also work on personal projects. There are some conditions but we like our team to work on projects that can become our next product or our next published paper.

Personal development

Don’t forget the world is alive and everything is changing very fast. We need time for ourselves to keep improving and learning. That is why we encourage you with things as side projects and keep learning new skills. Also, don’t forget to tell about them to the rest of your team in the team meetings or weekly all-hands.