Serendeepia Playbook


Remember that everyone has their own talents and is not good at everything. We are a team, we don’t do things alone. So help people when you can use your talents and ask to others to help you out when you are not good at something.

We offer some perks to keep our talent happy.

Important skills

As a remote company we need some skills in everybody in the organization:

  • Autonomy: you should be able to work independently, without requiring too much support from your managers or the rest of the team.
  • Organization: you should organize your task and your workday.
  • Communication: it is vital for a remote team to communicate as good as if they were in person. We also write a lot of documents about what we do and why.
  • Empathy: we come from different countries and sometimes we don’t have a good day, so it is important to be open to other cultures and be patient when someone has a bad day.
  • Assertiveness: fight for your rights and respect others’. Try to communicate your ideas directly with respect and understanding that others could have different opinions.
  • Proactive: taking action is important, you should never run out of things to do and you should raise any issue or improvement to your managers or your team when needed.
  • Self learning: what we do today will be different of what will we do in few years, so it is important to keep learning, adapting and improving.
  • Research mindset: hypothesis, experiments and validation. This cycle is something we use in our research, in our marketing, in our products, in our consultancy… just everywhere. We don’t do things for no reason and when we do something we want to validated that everything was as we expected, and if it weren’t we use it for learning.
  • Entrepreneur mindset: everything is an opportunity, we just need to wait for the best ones and take action. We like to be step by step, validating our hypothesis and thinking about the next steps.