Serendeepia Playbook

On boarding

After you sign the contract

We will need you to complete our survey to collect some personal information we need from you (the link to the survey is in _docs_internal ).

Your first day

What we do

  • Add your information to the website team page
  • Add you in Google Apps (
  • Add you to Slack
  • Add you to GitHub if necessary
  • Add you to Clockify (both in Serendeepia and Serendeepia Workday) if necessary
  • Share the Personal Time Out calendar
  • Add you to the daily stand-up meeting of your team.
  • Share some Google Drive folders if necessary
  • Add your information to our slides with the senior deep learning researches if appropriate
  • Schedule a meeting to talk about the projects you are going to work on with your manager
  • Schedule some meetings with people of your team to help you with all the configuration and set up, so you can be productive as soon as possible

What you do

  • You must prepare 2 or 3 slides to introduce yourself to the rest of the company. We expect to know more about you as a person: what things do you love, what are your hobbies, your goals in life, etc. You can make the slides as much fun as you want. We will use the last minutes of the weekly all-hands meeting to introduce yourself.
  • Add your information to the organization chart. Ask your manager for help if you don’t know where do you fit exactly.
  • Say hello in Slack in the _general channel.
  • Check your new email account
  • Add your email signature
  • Check your GitHub access to Serendeepia
  • Accept the invitations for the first meetings with your team
  • Read the whole Playbook

When someone leaves us

Well, we are going to be sad but life keeps moving and we wish the best to everybody. We will ask the person who leaves to give us feedback about the reasons they leave and some feedback about the company. We want to know the best and the worst things so we can encourage the good ones and fix the bad ones. Well, this feedback is always welcome anyway.

Some things we need to do: