Serendeepia Playbook


Research is a key area of the company, we expect the most technical roles to be involve in some type of research all the time and to read papers and be aware of the latest advancements.

Open Source

Our research must be open source, we believe the only way to improve the knowledge in the society is to share it. You must share the key parts of your research so other researches anywhere in the world can replicate your experiments and test their own ideas using your code as the source of theirs. It means we expect you to provide quality guidelines and code as if it where a project inside the company.

Scientific method

We do follow the scientific method of doing research and we also follow good engineering practices and documentation defined for the company.


How to perform an experiment

  1. Pose an hypothesis
  2. Find papers that support your hypothesis
  3. Prepare and execute the experiment
  4. Describe and document results
  5. Review initial hypothesis with the results
  6. Describe future lines of research

All this information must be included in the file of the experiment.

How to organize the experiments

See the project structure for the main guidelines.

After the exploratory analysis we add the future lines of research as issues labeled as enhancements in GitHub. This way we can assign future experiments and know who is working at what. Every time we finish and experiment and we describe the future lines of research we must add these ones as GitHub issues with the label “enhancements” too.

How to document the experiments

After each experiment we should estimate resources employed, mostly time and money. This will be useful to budget subsequent experiments.


How to organize the papers

See the project structure for the main guidelines.