Serendeepia Playbook

Production & Delivery

Code in production

We like to push quickly the code to production with continuous integration tools. We do this to avoid integration problems for new features, to improve our quality control of our code and to get feedback about new features as soon as possible.

Production Flags

Sometimes the code is not completely ready but it is wise to start adding the code to the final product to be sure we are not breaking anything and to start testing some small parts. In this case, it is wise to add flags to enable and disable the new features as our wish. Our clients could use the products as normal but we can enable the new features and test them in the real product.

A/B Testing

Sometimes we use A/B Testing when we want to test different approaches to solve a problem or to improve our products.

Deliverables for clients

The documents that we deliver to the clients are:

  • OFFER: the offer posed to the client. It contains:
    • the scope, requirements and constraints of the project
    • the methodology to follow during the project
    • the technology we are going to use
    • how the prototype is going to be deployed for the client
    • the planification with the phases of the project
    • the deliverable documents and prototypes
    • the budget
    • Terms and conditions.
  • EXPLORATORY_ANALISYS: results of the exploratory analysis
  • PROTOTYPE: working model and description of the model (optional)
  • SCRIPTS: model related scripts (optional).
  • SOURCE_CODE: source code of the MVP (optional).
  • STATE OF THE ART REPORT: research report, papers and patents (optional).
  • RESEARCH RESULT: paper or patents (optional).
  • DATASETS: Data refinery results.
  • DEPLOYMENT: the deployment guidelines for the prototype (optional)
  • Documents for the ad-hoc training