Serendeepia Playbook


Key Messages

See the organization section.


Here, you can find our main channels of communication and the type of content we promote in each one.

We use Hootsuite to schedule our content in social networks.


Conferences are the main place to know people and companies interested in what we do. We usually attend local meet ups and use them to get leads and new contacts.

When you are the speaker

The most important thing is that you enjoy the conference. We suggest you to follow the next steps:

  1. Know your audience and adapt the contents for them
  2. Know the place where the talk is going to be and adapt the slides
  3. Plan the contents and the time
  4. Add your slides to the shared folder in marketing
  5. Link your slides in the website into slides section (don’t forget to increase the delay when publishing the embedded slides).

Some general suggestions about slides:

  • You shouldn’t need them, they are only there to show some extended information but the audience should pay you more attention that to the slides.
  • Don’t add to much data in one slide (avoid using too many words or the audience will be reading instead of listening).
  • Avoid using too many words and use large images, try to be more visual.
  • Your presentation should be like a story and it should answer the questions why, how and what it that specific order.

Research congress

We go to research congresses to publish our research and also to engage with other researches.


The blog is our way to publish original content. It helps us to train people of how to write technical content and to share our knowledge. We want it to be a reference point of information for the people interested in AI and our company in particular.

Whenever you see something to be worth of a blog post, just go ahead and write one. Let someone else to review your content and send it to the marketing team so they can review it as well and guide you on the steps to publish it.

How to write a blog post

  1. Find a subject
  2. Create a document on Google docs and add your colleagues to comment. You can add it to the shared Google Drive directory.
  3. Notify the marketing team
  4. Publish with the help of the marketing team


We use LinkedIn for general content, something that is easy to understand for any audience. We share AI knowledge to spread it around the world.


Twitter is our way to connect with researchers, AI directors and people interested in the latest advancements in AI. We mostly publish scientific content such as papers.


Youtube is our way to share videos of conferences, meetups and other events related with AI. We also use it to show video-demos of what we do.


We only use Instagram for live events.


We publicate in Facebook the same content as in LinkedIn.