Serendeepia Playbook


We use Trello to track our sales pipeline. We have a main sales pipeline and another one to explore international opportunities.

The order of the cards is the priority: top cards have more priority.

International opportunities

  • Leads: List of opportunities we can explore.
  • First contact: Opportunities we have send an email to contact them and let them know about Serendeepia.
  • Not Interested: Opportunities that replied they are not interested.
  • Explore sale: Opportunities that replied and seem to be interested. In this point we will move the opportunity to the sales pipeline

Sales Pipeline

  • Partners/networking: List of people of interest to get new leads.
  • Opportunities to explore: List of opportunities we can explore.
  • Offer exploration: First contacts with the person to explore the opportunity.
  • StandBy: The opportunity is in stand by because it wasn’t the right time to approach it.
  • Offer design: Starting to creating the offer for the client.
  • Offer sent: Offer sent. Waiting for feedback.
  • Offer accepted: Offer accepted. Waiting to sign the contract and start.
  • Contract signed / After sales: Sale completed. Period to follow the satisfaction of the client and to do cross selling.
  • Failed: Opportunity failed. We need to detect what was the reason to fail in order to learn.

Every card in Trello follows the next format: _Company name | Proyect name (Contact name)_

Opportunities can be removed from contract signed and failed. We need to update the Analytics excel when we do that.

General Process

Collect leads

We collect leads from different sources, take a look to the Marketing Plan to know more about it.


Once we have a lead we add it either in the international opportunities in the Leads column if we pro-actively found them or in the sales pipeline in the Opportunities to explore if they reached us.

First Contact

Our first contact is different depending whether they know about us or we find them. When we find them we send them a cold email to someone in the management team. If they find us, we either reply to their email or phone call and decide where to place the opportunity.

First Meeting

Our first meeting is usually with a videoconference. If the project is relevant enough we can consider to have a in-person meeting but this is the less desirable option as it is very inefficient.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Usually, the Clients provide an Non-Disclosure Agreement with their needs, but in case we need to provide one, you can find examples in our shared Google Drive folder.


Usually, we need more than one meeting to get enough information about the project. Don’t rush this step and try to understand the project with all its nuances in order to write a proper offer. You should consider to use our Methodology of the Viability Screening in order to asses whether the project is feasible and relevant for us or not.


We have templates to write an offer:

Remember to update both templates with new content if it will be relevant for future projects.

Sign Contract

We do not start a project without the contract being signed for both sides.

International Sales Strategy

Phase 1. B2B CRM Database Growth

We research for potential customers in webs like Hacker News and AngelList. We look for companies that are looking for ML and/or DL experts and search their website. Then, we decide the right person to contact each company.

Phase 2. Enrich B2B CRM with Key Contacts

We identify the key contact in the company (aiming at Managing Partners, Founders, CTOs, CEOs, CMOs, etc.), and find a way to contact them. If we find an email direction, the selected person from Serendeepia sends a direct mail to that person, if we don’t find an email direction, we will use Linkedin to contact the client. Our process o Linkedin contacting strategy is as follows:

  1. Follow the Company
  2. Ask a connection (prepare a personalized note to grab his/her attention)
  3. Wait one week for connection acceptance. If the connection is accepted go to phase 3, if the connection is not accepted rethink the contact selection and evaluate if a new trial is affordable.

Phase 3. CRM. Customer Engagement. Conversion to Lead

  • If the selected person from the selected company accepts our invitation, We must find the company needs and prepare a message with an appropriate offering.
  • Wait one week for a reply. If there is no reply, we leave the opportunity and try a new one, if there is a reply, we proceed to phase 4.

Phase 4. CRM. Lead Nurturing

Following the feedback from the company, we research what we can offer, our costs and prices to prepare a proposal.

Phase 5. Proposal definition and possible deal

We send the proposal to the company.