Serendeepia Playbook


We store all our accounting information (reports, invoices, etc) in a shared folder in Google Drive.


  1. Add the expense/revenue to the Profit&Loss document:
    1. Add the value to the expense/revenue tab
    2. Update the CashFlow tab
  2. Add the document to the correct path: /YEAR/QUARTER/(EXPENSE|REVENUE)/DATE-NAME (for invoices use the invoice number instead of the date).
    1. The date must follow the format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY with 2 digits for the month and the day.
    2. If the document is in other currency than EUROS we must add the correspondent document from the bank with the final value of the operation (it must have the same name and the suffix _euros) and any expense it generates (same name with different suffixes as needed).


When you need to create an invoice you can use our Invoice template. It is recommended you add the information to Profit&Loss document once the invoice has been sent to the client.